• Chicken Fingers

    Chicken Fingers

    Arielle shows you a clean homemade chicken finger recipe, using organic chicken. The chicken is coated in almond flour and "fried" in coconut oil.

  • Road Trip USA: Mesa Verde

    Road Trip USA: Mesa Verde

    Join Kevin as he hikes in the cliffs of Mesa Verde, Colorado.

  • Medicine Ball Workout

    Medicine Ball Workout

    In this video, Certified Trainer, Holly Rilinger, takes you through an intense medicine ball workout you can do at home, the gym, or anywhere!

  • How To Prevent Acne

    How To Prevent Acne

    There is no cure for acne and most of us will experience a breakout from time to time. Dr. Bobby Buka shares a few tips on how to prevent acne.

  • Grilled Shrimp with Green Harissa

    In this episode of Guide to Summer, Phoebe Lapine will show you how to make delicious grilled shrimp skewers for when you’re having your friends over on a summer night. A really simple spin on a classic spicy Moroccan pepper paste: Grilled Shrimp with Green Harissa.   While harissa paste is usually made with red peppers, Phoebe turns it green by adding in some baby spinach, cilantro, and some poblano peppers to make it a little spicy! First, you start out with the harissa sauce, which will be used to marinate the shrimp and also as a dipping sauce. Add in the sauce ingredients as well as some ground coriander, ground cumin, and some fresh lemon juice into a food processor to make it into a puree. The last ingredient for the sauce is a little fresh garlic and finally add some water (not oil!) to make sure it has that puree consistency. Once it’s pureed, season your sauce with a little salt and your sauce is ready!  Now you can move on to the shrimp. Phoebe shows you how to prepare the shrimp by using your fingers to pry away the edge. Once your shrimp is ready, you can toss it in a bowl with some of the sauce to marinate it and then put them on your skewers to grill. Place your skewered shrimp onto your grill once you grease the grates (since you didn't marinate the shrimp with any oil already.) Cook these with pretty high heat until they're opaque all the way through. Serve these with your dipping sauce and you have a beautiful appetizer great for your summer dinner party.

  • Flank Steak with Gazpacho Sauce

    Grilled meat is a delicious summer entree. In this video, Pheobe shows you how to create an entree that is sure to please - flank steak with an easy gazpacho sauce! To make the gazpacho sauce, place all ingredients including peeled cucumber, plum tomatoes, onion, bell pepper into a food processor and blend. Add parsley olive oil and pinch of smoked paprika, then mix again for a beautiful rustic sauce. To prepare the flank steak, score the meat by cutting shallow lines in the flank steak against the grain. Then season the meat with salt and pepper. Pheobe then reviews several useful tips for grilling the flank steak to perfection! Once steak is finished and has rested off the grill, slice the flank steak and place gazpacho sauce on top to serve. This is a Spanish flavored winner for the perfect summer dinner!

  • Delicious Mushroom Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

    Phoebe uses the grill two ways to make this delicious mushroom grilled cheese sandwich. First, you need to grill portobello mushrooms seasoned with a small amount of oil and sea salt. The mushrooms are a great way to reduce the amount of cheese and butter in the sandwich, while adding a ton of flavor and protein. Once the mushrooms are ready you can assemble the grilled cheese sandwich by putting a small amount of cheese, sliced shallots and the grilled portobello mushroom on the bread. Once the sandwich is ready, you can place on high heat on the grill, this will allow the bread to get nice and crusty and melt the cheese. Pull your grilled cheese sandwich off the grill and you are ready for a delicious treat!

  • Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

    Phoebe guides you through making healthy buffalo chicken quesadillas on the grill. The grill is used in two ways - first to cook the chicken, and second to make the quesadillas. Phoebe provides some chicken cooking and handling tips, as well as overviews how to assemble the quesadillas with chicken, celery, cheese and yogurt dressing.