• Legs For Days

    In this episode of Kickstart Workouts, certified personal trainer Holly Rilinger gives your lower body a killer workout in just 6 minutes. Your legs make up the largest muscle group in the body, including your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves - this 6 minutes routine works them all. Holly leads you through the following moves: glute bridge, forward lunges, drop squats, reverse lunges, split jumps, and fast feet.

  • Beginner Lateral Movements

    Personal Trainer Rob Sulaver has crafted an intense 10 minute HIIT This workout comprised of 50 reps. In this routine you'll be focused on 3 key moves: left and right lateral lunges, squat thrust push ups, jumping jacks.

  • Intermediate Lower Body

    Fitness instructor Kara Liotta leads you through a high intensity 10 minute total body workout with a special emphasis on your lower half. This routine involves a circuit of 4 moves (glute bridges, hamstring curls, supermans, lateral lunges) repeated twice.

  • Leg Day Workout

    It's all about the legs today. Certified Trainer, Holly Rilinger, shows you how to complete a 12 minute leg day workout at Muscle Beach! This workout is packed with hops, lunges, and squats to get those legs toned up. This workout also includes 30 seconds of active recovery between each move. First you're going to start off with some leg hops, 30 seconds for each leg. After this, 30 seconds of jumping jacks come next for active recovery. In this workout you're working the body unilaterally allowing you to work out one side of the body at a time, which really activates your core. The second leg move Holly does is around the world lunges. You're going to switch between the forward lunge, the side lunge, and the reverse lunge. For this move, you want to make sure you keep your balance, sit into your hip, get low, and aim for a 90 degree angle on both of those legs. Up next are the scissor jumps as an active recovery, which come before some more lunges. Make sure you pace yourself throughout your workout so you keep your breathing at a consistent rate. After some more active recovery jumping jacks, Holly moves on to the squat to squat pulse, where you switch between normal squats and pulsing squats. The lower you get the better your booty will look this summer! This workout repeats these moves one more time before ending so stay strong and pull through the entire leg day workout to end with sexy, strong legs to show off at the beach.