• Surfer's Workout

    Surfer's Workout

    Get a rock solid core and strong upper body just like a surfer with this surfer-themed workout. This routine includes surf squats and surf burpees.

  • Corn on the Cob

    Corn on the Cob

    Phoebe shows you how to grill corn on the cob and make a delicious with this chive, shallot, and lemon butter recipe.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie

    Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie

    How to make a delicious and healthy chocolate hazelnut smoothie. Using only clean and raw ingredients like hazelnuts, almond milk & coconut water.

  • What is HIIT This?

    What is HIIT This?

    HIIT This is the perfect workout series for people who are looking to get an intense workout in a short period of time. Your two new personal trainers

  • Key Lime Pie Smoothie

    Today Arielle Haspel will be showing you how to make a delicious, tart, and tangy key lime pie smoothie! This smoothie is a healthy twist to the classic dessert, without losing any of the flavor. Traditional key lime pies are made from sweetened condensed milk and cream, but this smoothie will be super creamy with some avocado and almond milk, a healthy combo to replace the extra fat!  First put half of an avocado into your blender (or a quarter per serving). Then you're going to add your half cup of almond milk. This will make your smoothie super creamy. Next, add 1/4 cup of raw cashews to add some protein, fiber, and a little substance to your key lime smoothie. Add 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract and to make it nice and tangy, squeeze a little lime juice from half a lime to the mix as well as some lime zest.  To sweeten it up add two dates - this is so much healthier than adding white or brown sugar! And finally add a little sea salt.  Blend away until it's creamy to taste and add a handful of ice to the glass to cool it down a bit. Finally you're ready to serve your smoothie! Top it off with some chopped pecans to complete your key lime smoothie and enjoy! 

  • Light Coconut Mojito

    Watch this mojito recipe for how to make an amazingly refreshing Coconut Mojito - perfect to beat the heat on a hot summer day! Phoebe Lapine shows you how to make a spin on a classic Cuban cocktail to make it a little healthier. First you're going pour some white rum into your cup - you're probably going to want about a 1:4 ratio of liquor to other ingredients. In the classic mojito you have a combination of fresh mint leaves, lime juice, and sugar, but to make it a little bit healthier, you're going to use raw honey instead of sugar. Add in the fresh mint leaves (you want to tear these until into little pieces so some of the juice from the leaves start coming out to mix in well with the drink.) Then add some fresh lime juice to add the citrusy flavor to it. And finally you'll add in some coconut milk. For the healthiest coconut mojito, you'll want to have light coconut milk, so you get the loads of potassium, vitamins, and minerals from it without as much of the fat. Muddle everything together, add a couple of ice cubes to keep it cool and finally top it off with just a touch of seltzer water to give the drink some effervescence. And there you have it. A delicious and creamy twist on the classic mojito, HealthiNation style!

  • Water 'Fruit Sangria'

    Today, Arielle helps you kick the habit of all those sugary sodas and sweetened fruit drinks by showing you how to make a water “fruit sangria”.  You can either cut up some fresh fruit and store it in your freezer yourself or you can use frozen fruit from your supermarket.   Here, Arielle starts with a few cups of frozen peaches, blueberries and strawberries.  You can also use blackberries or mangoes if you want.  She adds them to raspberry water, which is just 2 cups of raspberries that have been soaking in water.  This is a great substitution for sugary drinks because it tastes delicious, looks beautiful and your body is going to love you for drinking it!  

  • Fresh Strawberry Bellini

    Phoebe Lapine shows you how to make one of her favorite brunch cocktails, the Bellini. She does a nice summer spin on it with some grilled strawberries. This fresh strawberry Bellini recipe will be a winner at your next summer evening party. First you're going to take your strawberries and skewer them up. Before you do this make sure you soak the skewers for about 20 minutes! This is really important because they will probably light up on fire if they go straight to the grill otherwise. Feel free to keep or take off the leaves on the strawberries, to your preference. Have two strawberries for each skewer so they fit in the glass later when you serve. Grease your grill lightly with olive oil and when it gets hot you can place your skewers with the strawberries right on top. You want to make sure you keep on there for long enough to form some char so this will be around a minute or so on each side. You'll then end up with the smokiness of the grill but also the freshness of the fruit that'll make it super juicy. Once the strawberries are all charred up and ready to for your cocktail, you can go ahead and add some cut up mint leaves into the glass before serving so you get the a nice summery fresh drink in the end. Place one skewer in each glass and finally pour in the Prosecco, which will mix really well with the juicy strawberry and the minty leaves. This delicious and refreshing bellini recipe will make a great drink for a summer night.