March 28, 2015
  • NEW Beginner Lower Body

    Beginner Lower Body

    Fitness instructor Kara Liotta has designed the ultimate 12 minute lower body workout routine for beginners sure to make you sweat. In this HIIT This video Kara has you working your glutes, hamstrings, and the outer hips. This routine is comprised of 4 moves (hamstring extensions, abductor leg lifts, glute bridge leg extensions, squat holds), repeated twice.

  • NEW Blueberry Almond Pancakes - EP 2

    Blueberry Almond Pancakes - EP 2

    Breakfast can be a problematic meal if you are gluten free. In episode 2 of Gluten Free Tasty, Host Phoebe Lapine demonstrates how to make blueberry almond pancakes. Not only are they tasty, but they’ll leave you feeling good as well.

  • NEW True Champions MS Julie Roberts EP 1: My Story

    True Champions MS Julie Roberts EP 1: My Story

    In episode 1 of True Champions, American country music singer Julie Roberts shares her personal experience of how she discovered she had multiple sclerosis. While it took her some time to accept the diagnosis, she now faces the disease with the same strength and energy she uses in her singing career.

  • NEW Building Blocks: Milestones at 1 Month Old

    Building Blocks: Milestones at 1 Month Old

    In the video above, Dr. Preeti Parikh explains some things you can do with your child that will help them hit important developmental milestones. This includes tummy-time, which will help strengthen their neck while also creating a bond. By one month old, your baby will likely be reacting to sounds and should be recognizing the sound of mom’s voice. Talking and singing to your baby is a great way to connect as well.