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    Reroute your cart

    A common rule when looking for healthy food in the supermarket is to stick to the outer edges.

  • Born to Fight Full Body Workout

    Born to Fight Full Body Workout

    Holly Rilinger is here to get you in fighting shape, with one of the toughest full body workouts! Go all out, because you were born to fight!

  • How to Deseed a Pomegranate

    How to Deseed a Pomegranate

    Pomegranates are healthy & tasty, but it can be intimidating to deseed a pomegranate. Frances shows you a simple and easy tip that will minimize mess

  • True Champions Depression: Erin's Depression

    True Champions Depression: Erin's Depression

    In this episode of True Champions Depression, we meet Erin, who is a writer, artist, and mental health advocate suffering from depression.

  • Killer Leg Workout

    Today certified trainer Holly Rilinger is really going to put the 'kick' into Kickstart Workouts with this killer leg workout. The circuit today includes one of Holly's favorite moves, high kicks. A high kick will not only help increase your flexibility, but it will really get your heart rate up as you work out! Also, between each move of the circuit, Holly will do a boxer's shuffle to keep your heart rate up. The entire circuit will be completed twice for the workout and you'll be on your way to killer legs! To start, the first move is a high kick into a reverse lunge, then two jacks. You will do one side at a time, and following the high kick, you might find it helpful to stabilize yourself by planting both feet on the ground prior to moving into the reverse lunge. You will do the right side for 60 seconds, then break to an active boxers shuffle for 30 seconds, followed by a high kick and reverse lunge on the left side for one minute. After the left side, you will do another 30 seconds of boxers shuffle before moving to the second move. This will be a squat into a cross. For this move, you need to drop your body down into a squat, then stand up to a cross punch on alternating sides. You want to get as low as you can in the squat, then as much rotation as you can on each side for the cross punch. Complete this move for one minute, then move directly into another 30 seconds of boxers shuffle.  The last move of this circuit is a jumping jack cross. As you do a jumping jack, every time your feet go out to the side, you rotate through to the side for a cross punch on alternating sides. Let your head follow your movement to get an intense rotation with your jumping jack cross. Following a minute of jumping jack cross, you'll move into another 30 seconds of boxers shuffle.  After this, repeat the entire circuit for a second time. Keep moving, kicking and screaming your way through this workout to killer legs!     

  • Leg Day Workout

    It's all about the legs today. Certified Trainer, Holly Rilinger, shows you how to complete a 12 minute leg day workout at Muscle Beach! This workout is packed with hops, lunges, and squats to get those legs toned up. This workout also includes 30 seconds of active recovery between each move. First you're going to start off with some leg hops, 30 seconds for each leg. After this, 30 seconds of jumping jacks come next for active recovery. In this workout you're working the body unilaterally allowing you to work out one side of the body at a time, which really activates your core. The second leg move Holly does is around the world lunges. You're going to switch between the forward lunge, the side lunge, and the reverse lunge. For this move, you want to make sure you keep your balance, sit into your hip, get low, and aim for a 90 degree angle on both of those legs. Up next are the scissor jumps as an active recovery, which come before some more lunges. Make sure you pace yourself throughout your workout so you keep your breathing at a consistent rate. After some more active recovery jumping jacks, Holly moves on to the squat to squat pulse, where you switch between normal squats and pulsing squats. The lower you get the better your booty will look this summer! This workout repeats these moves one more time before ending so stay strong and pull through the entire leg day workout to end with sexy, strong legs to show off at the beach.

  • Beginner Lower Body

    Fitness instructor Kara Liotta has designed the ultimate 12 minute lower body workout routine for beginners sure to make you sweat. In this HIIT This video Kara has you working your glutes, hamstrings, and the outer hips. This routine is comprised of 4 moves (hamstring extensions, abductor leg lifts, glute bridge leg extensions, squat holds), repeated twice.

  • Intermediate Lower Body

    Fitness instructor Kara Liotta leads you through a high intensity 10 minute total body workout with a special emphasis on your lower half. This routine involves a circuit of 4 moves (glute bridges, hamstring curls, supermans, lateral lunges) repeated twice.