• What is HIV?

    What is HIV?

    HIV, or human immunodeficiency disorder, attacks the immune system and makes it difficult for the body to fight infection. It is estimated that more than 1 million Americans are living with HIV.

  • Diabetic Superfoods

    Diabetic Superfoods

    When living with diabetes it's important to monitor blood glucose levels. In this video, registered Dietician Sharon Richter recommends some of her favorite diabetic superfoods.

  • Moroccan Eggs

    Moroccan Eggs

    In this episode of Eating by Heart, Colombe demonstrates one of her favorite recipes: Moroccan eggs. Eggs are a terrific source of healthy protein, which is essential in a heart healthy diet!

  • What is Lung Cancer?

    What is Lung Cancer?

    Lung cancer is a complicated disease to both understand and treat. But knowing the basis of lung cancer is the first step to preventing and treating it. In this video series, Dr. Preeti Parikh explains lung cancer, including the types, symptoms and causes

  • Awesome Arm Workout

    Get ready to get your arms in awesome shape! Trainer Holly Rilinger gives you an incredible arm workout to bring you one step closer to a sleek and sexy upper body. Holly has created a workout comprised of three challenging rounds that works all muscles in your upper body - big and small! Each move is done for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of active recovery between exercises. You will be performing each of the first two exercises two times before moving on to the next round. For this Kickstart workout you will need a medium set of dumbbells. The first move is a bent over dumbbell row, which will work your back. Bend at your waist and keep your back nice and flat. Make sure to exhale as you pull your weights up. The second move is push ups. Be sure to tap your chest to the ground each time you hit the floor. Overhead shoulder press is your third move. Hold the dumbbells over your shoulders and push them up in a straight line, as though you are throwing them up to the ceiling. If this move becomes too strenuous, a modification is to do one arm at a time. However, for maximum results, continue to do this explosive movement as Holly demonstrates. Renegade Row is up next, which puts you in a plank position, holding on to your dumbbells. While in this position, lift one dumbbell at a time. This is a great move to work your back and core muscles. The final round begins with standing curls, which focuses on your biceps. Holly ends with push ups into mountain climbers, which is a great move to strengthen your triceps. Now that you know all these moves, you are on your way to chiseling strong and toned arms. This is one of the best arm workouts to strengthen your entire upper body.

  • Sleeveless Nation

    It's all about the arms in this episode of Kickstart Workouts. Certified personal trainer Holly Rilinger fires up your upper body with an intense 6 minute workout comprised of 30 second sets with 15 second rests. Grab a set of dumbbells and get ready to work your chest, back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Holly takes you through the following exercises: dumbbell rows, pushups, standing curls, tricep dips, and overhead shoulder press.

  • Beginner Upper Body

    Kara Liotta has designed a 10 minute "no excuses" total body HIIT This workout that can be done anywhere and requires only your body weight. Kara takes you through a fast, beginner level workout build around 4 key moves to work your upper body (forearm plank knee taps, modified push ups, tricep dips, side lateral raises) and ending with a Plyometric push.

  • Intermediate Upper Body

    Fitness instructor Kara Liotta has a 10 minute intermediate-level upper body workout designed to sculpt your triceps, shoulders, back, and chest. This HIIT This workout includes tricep dips, side planks, plank walks, and rotational planks.