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Collin Reiff, MD, is an addiction psychiatrist at NYU Langone Health and a clinical assistant professor at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

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PTSD in Veterans: Risk Factors for Suicidal Thoughts

The good news? Treatment can help prevent it.

Coping Tips for Veterans with PTSD: How Mindfulness Can Help

“Mindfulness is actually a great way to treat pain.”

PTSD in Veterans: What to Do If You Have Suicidal Thoughts

“It is absolutely urgent that [you] seek professional help and treatment.”

Road to Recovery: Medications to Treat PTSD in Veterans

A combo of therapy + medications may bring relief.

Treating PTSD: How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps

“In a relatively short period of time, someone can really regain their life.”

Road to Recovery: How PTSD in Veterans Is Treated

“It really is quite individualized towards the patient's goals.”

Factors That Increase the Risk of PTSD in Veterans

What makes some veterans more susceptible than others?

PTSD in Veterans: How Military Service Affects Mental Health

“Many veterans struggle with memories of their experiences in the military.”