Cynthia E. Armand Contributor

Dr. Armand is a neurologist and headache specialist at Montefiore Headache Center in New York City.

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Prone to Migraines? Watch Out for These Tricky Holiday Foods

“There are so many temptations out there in terms of food during the holiday.”

Weather Changes + Migraines: What to Watch Out for Each Season

“A change of season is a hallmark of unpredictability.”

“Vacation Migraine” Is a Thing—Here’s How to Avoid It

Migraine-free vacations are totally possible.

Travel Tips for People Who Get Migraines

Don’t forget to pack your favorite water bottle.

‘Tis the Season for Migraines: How to Avoid Holiday Headaches

Crowded malls that smell like buttery pretzels = a migraine trap.

The Best Sunglasses for People Who Get Migraines

Those cat-eye shades may not be the best option.

How BBQing Can Trigger Migraines (+ Tips to Keep on Grillin’)

“All the foods that we love in a barbecue can trigger migraine.”

Too Much Sun Can Trigger Migraines—Here’s How to Protect Yourself

“We know that the sun is very important to live. We need the sun.”

Winter Migraines: Why You Get Them + How to Prevent Them

You’re not imagining it: The drop in temps can trigger migraines.

Seasonal Migraine Triggers + How to Avoid Them

Migraines are more likely when days get longer—but you can manage the risk.