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Dr. Perera is an allergist-immunologist in New York City.

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Inhalers vs. Biologics: How They Help Treat Asthma

Proper usage can help you achieve better asthma control.

Biologics: A New Asthma Treatment Option

Not finding relief from your inhaler? Biologics for asthma may help.

Tips for Developing a Personalized Asthma Action Plan

Your asthma action plan is a joint effort between you and your doctor.

How to Self-Monitor Your Asthma Control Based on Symptoms

Step 1: Assess asthma control. Step 2: Make the necessary changes.

Why It’s Important to Stick to Your Asthma Medicines + Doctor Visits

Your doctor will stress “medication compliance.” Here’s what that means.

What Is Good Asthma Control?

With good asthma control, you’ll be reaching for the rescue inhaler less often.