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Dr. Wu is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist practicing in New York City.

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Is It Normal to Have Vaginal Discharge, Like, a Lot?

Here’s how to know when it warrants a doc visit.

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So you leaked a bit. Here’s what to do about it.

Is It Normal to Feel Like Your Tampon Is Falling Out?

“LOL bye.” —your tampon, probably

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Having sex doesn't automatically = baby.

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Is It Normal to Get Back Pain During Your Period?

Periods: A pain in the … back?

Is It Normal to Have Bad Cramps After Getting an IUD?

Um, is everything OK down there?

Is It Normal to Get Diarrhea During Your Period?

We need to have a talk about “period poops.”

Is It Normal to Have Different-Sized Breasts?

Uneven breasts? Here’s what it means when the twins don’t match.

Is It Normal to Never Be in the Mood for Sex?

Low sex drive? Here’s what’s really behind your, “honey, I have a headache.”