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Joan Pagano is an exercise physiologist in New York City.

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“4 for Life”: The Best Bodyweight Exercises for Bone Health

These moves can be done anytime, anywhere—no equipment required.

4 Rules for Exercising Safely with Osteoporosis

Don’t let fear of fractures keep you from having a healthy fitness routine.

Do This, Not That: 4 Off-Limit Exercises for People with Osteoporosis

Exercise helps keep bones strong, but these moves are a no-go.

Why Exercise Is Essential to Treat and Prevent Osteoporosis

When it comes to exercise and bone health, either move it or lose it.

4 Outdated Myths About Exercise and Osteoporosis, Debunked

Boost your bone health by getting the facts straight.

3 Ways to Modify Planks, for Every Body Type

The plank has a couple benefits over crunches.

3 Ways You Can Modify Push-Ups, for Every Body Type

Push-ups don’t have to be a punishment. Here’s how to make ‘em easier.

3 Ways You Can Modify Squats, for Every Body Type

Got knee pain or balance issues? Don’t fear the squat … just make it easier for you.

What’s Safe After a Heart Attack? What Cardiologists Want All Patients to Know

Here’s how long to wait before having sex, driving, and more.

Exercise After a Heart Attack: What Cardiologists Want You to Know

Working out post-heart attack is actually essential for recovery.

7 Proven Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Lower your blood pressure without medication? Yes, it’s possible.

Why Exercise Is the Secret Weapon to Lower Cholesterol

Will exercise lower cholesterol levels? Experts say absolutely.

How to Prevent Hypoglycemia When You Exercise with Diabetes

Low blood sugar can be prevented (and shouldn’t stop you from hitting the gym).

Exercise with Diabetes: 3 Workouts for Healthier Blood Sugar

Balance your blood sugar with these key workouts for people with diabetes.

Heart Disease in Women: Subtle Warning Signs You Need to Know

Tell-tale heart disease signs in women may surprise you.

High Blood Pressure: What Cardiologists Insist You Know

Meds might not be the first prescription.

7 Lifestyle Tweaks for a Healthier Heart

Keep your ticker happy with these tips to prevent heart disease.

These 7 Exercise Tips Are Essential for Diabetes

Here's how to exercise safely and avoid low blood sugar.

Lifestyle Changes for Diabetes: 6 Habits that Help Lower Blood Sugar

These tweaks give your pancreas a helping hand.

The Astounding Benefits of Exercise for Diabetes

Exercise can do amazing things for blood sugar control and diabetes management.