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Dr. Alizadeh is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Westchester Medical Center and New York Medical College.

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Who Treats Migraines? Meet the Doctors Who Might Help

You might benefit from seeing a *team* of doctors.

The Toll Migraines Have on Relationships

“People who don't experience them will think of them as just a headache.”

The Stress-Migraine Cycle: How to Identify + Stop It

Migraines can strike when stress rises … but also when stress drops.

From Mole to Metastatic: The Different Stages of Melanoma

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Symptoms of Metastatic Melanoma You Shouldn’t Ignore

Signs of advanced melanoma go beyond the skin.

The Risk of Recurrent Melanoma After Treatment: What Patients Need to Know

Certain factors may impact the risk of cancer coming back.

Adjuvant Therapy for Melanoma: Understanding Your Treatment Options

When melanoma spreads beyond the skin, adjuvant therapies can help.

Lowering the Risk of Melanoma Recurrence: Is It Possible?

You’ve been cleared of melanoma. Now how do you keep it from coming back?

How Immunotherapy Is Improving Treatment for Melanoma

This type of adjuvant therapy attacks cancer cells more precisely.

Diagnosing Metastatic Melanoma: What Doctors Look For

Here’s how doctors know if this dangerous type of skin cancer has spread.

Here’s How Botox Can Be Good for Your Bladder

“I’m so relaxed right now.” —your bladder muscles on Botox

These Myths About Scar Prevention Might Ruin Your Skin

Should you cover up that cut, or let it breathe?

Here’s How to Never Need Plastic Surgery (According to a Plastic Surgeon)

Kick these habits, and your skin will naturally age way more slowly.