Kira Minkis Contributor

Dr. Minkis is a dermatologist at Weill Cornell Medicine, an assistant professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University, and an assistant attending dermatologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

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Beyond the Legs: Where Varicose Veins Form in the Body

Psst … hemorrhoids fall under the varicose veins umbrella.

Why Varicose Veins Should Be Treated ASAP

Treatment will be more effective if you don’t wait.

What to Expect During + After Surgery for Skin Cancer

“They are very easy [and] low-risk procedures with minimum pain and discomfort.”

Treatment Options for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

With early detection, treatment can be quick + effective.

ABCDE Test: Why This Skin Self-Exam Could Save Your Life

“Early detection of skin cancer is important because it could save lives.”