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Dr. Romanzi is a urogynecologist and reconstructive pelvic surgeon based in New York City.

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The Range of Treatment Options to Relieve Overactive Bladder

Before medications, your doctor might suggest *these* changes first.

Surgery for Overactive Bladder: When Is It Necessary?

These options can be life-changing, but not all people with OAB need them.

Medication for Overactive Bladder: Understanding Your Options

These can help with lifestyle tweaks alone aren’t enough.

Here’s How Botox Can Be Good for Your Bladder

“I’m so relaxed right now.” —your bladder muscles on Botox

What Is Stress Incontinence? A Urogynecologist Explains

Leak a little pee when you cough, run, or sneeze? Here’s what to do about it.

How to Get Help for Overactive Bladder (Even If It’s Embarrassing)

OAB can be treated—and there are plenty of doctors ready to help.

Stress Incontinence vs. Overactive Bladder: What’s the Difference?

Both can cause a need to pee, but they’re very different conditions.

Need to Pee During Sex? How Overactive Bladder Affects Your Sex Life

Is your urge to pee trumping your urge for sex? Here’s what to do about it.

Peeing a Lot at Night? Here’s What You Should Do About It

If your cranky bladder is keeping you up at night, try these urogynecologist-approved tricks.

These 5 Lifestyle Tweaks Can Help Your Overactive Bladder

Your day-to-day habits play a big role in treating incontinence.

This Innocent Kegel Mistake Is Surprisingly Common

Don’t let your pelvic floor exercise efforts go to waste.

The Surprising Drinking Mistake That Makes Overactive Bladder Worse

Most people think this helps their need to pee. It doesn’t.

Textbook Signs You Have an Overactive Bladder

Always gotta go? Here’s how to tell if it’s OAB.

What Exactly Is Overactive Bladder? A Urogynecologist Explains

It’s not just needing to pee all the time.