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Dr. Persky is an otolaryngologist and surgeon at NYU Langone Health in New York City.

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This Type of Cancer Is on the Rise in Young Adults—Here’s Why

HPV is a suspect in the development of these head and neck tumors.

Is It Possible to Lower Your Risk of Head and Neck Cancer?

About 75 percent of these cancers are linked to alcohol and tobacco use.

Head and Neck Cancer: Important Risk Factors to Know

The good news: You may have control over many of these risk factors.

Treating Head and Neck Cancer: The Medications That Are Improving Outcomes

Knowing all your options will help you find the best treatment.

The Importance of Rehab During Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

The goal of rehabilitation is to preserve the affected area during treatment.

The Signs + Symptoms of Head and Neck Cancer

It’s easy to confuse these signs with other, less serious conditions.

How Different Types of Head and Neck Cancers Are Treated

Treatment depends on they type of cancer you have and where it’s located.

Understanding the Different Types of Head and Neck Cancer

The diagnosis depends on where the cancer starts.

Diagnosing Head and Neck Cancers: What Doctors Look For

This cancer is sometimes spotted during routine checkups.