Padmaja Kandula Contributor

Dr. Kandula is a neurologist specializing in seizures and epilepsy at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian in New York City.

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How Alcohol Affects Your Seizure Risk

“There’s this magic level that causes problems for every individual.”

CBD to Manage Epilepsy: What a Neurologist Wants You to Know

It has shown promise for two severe epilepsy types in particular.

When to Go to the Doctor: Signs a Seizure Is an Emergency

“Not all seizures require emergency room treatment.”

What Actually Happens to Your Body During a Seizure

The activity inside can greatly affect what it looks like on the outside.

Treating Epilepsy: Options That Can Help Control Seizures

With medications, “brain pacemakers,” CBD, and dietary changes, most people find relief.

Epilepsy vs. Isolated Seizure: What’s the Difference?

They both involve seizures, but they’re not the same.

Managing Epilepsy: 4 Key Ways to Keep Seizures in Check

These factors can have a big impact on one’s susceptibility to seizures.

Common Seizure Triggers for Epilepsy—and What to Do About Them

“Triggers are individual, but there are some that are universal.”