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Sandra Arevalo is a spokesperson for the American Association of Diabetes Educators and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and director of nutrition services and community outreach at South Bronx Health Center.

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The A1C Test: How It Helps Manage and Treat Diabetes

See why the A1C test is crucial for better diabetes control.

How to Prevent Hypoglycemia When You Exercise with Diabetes

Low blood sugar can be prevented (and shouldn’t stop you from hitting the gym).

Exercise with Diabetes: 3 Workouts for Healthier Blood Sugar

Balance your blood sugar with these key workouts for people with diabetes.

Weight Loss With Diabetes: The Magic Number for Better Blood Sugar

Even a small amount on the scale makes a big difference.

Coping with Gestational Diabetes: Mood-Boosting Tips

A standard pregnancy brings enough stress as it is.

Caring for Your Feet With Diabetes: 7 Habits that Help

Do #1 after your evening shower.

Gestational Diabetes Diet: Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy

This is what a healthy gestational diabetes diet looks like.

Medication for Prediabetes: When Is It Necessary?

Here’s when to think beyond lifestyle changes for prediabetes.

Monitoring Blood Sugar: Tips for Type 2 Diabetes

Knowing your blood glucose levels may be crucial to your diabetes management.

Simple Carbs vs. Complex Carbs: What’s the Difference?

Here’s why you shouldn’t cut ALL carbs from your diet.

Eating Dessert with Diabetes: The Healthy Way to Indulge

Yep, you can have that cupcake—if you plan for it.

Fiber and Diabetes: Why It’s Key for Better Blood Sugar

If you have diabetes, here’s why you should fiber up.

Knowing These 6 Numbers Can Help Control Your Diabetes

These are a clue your blood sugar and heart are healthy.

These 7 Exercise Tips Are Essential for Diabetes

Here's how to exercise safely and avoid low blood sugar.

Managing High and Low Blood Sugar With Diabetes

Here’s how to prevent hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

Alcohol and Diabetes: How to Drink Safely

You can imbibe when you have diabetes, but follow these tips to protect your health.

These 7 Eating Habits Are Bad for Diabetes

Steer clear of eats that can make blood sugar control worse.

Lifestyle Changes for Diabetes: 6 Habits that Help Lower Blood Sugar

These tweaks give your pancreas a helping hand.

Smoking and Diabetes: Why Quitting Is So Crucial

Smoking when you have diabetes creates an even more toxic environment for your heart and other organs.

Sleep and Diabetes: Why It’s Key for Blood Sugar Control

If you’re not getting good-quality slumber, your blood sugar could suffer.