Steven Flanagan Contributor

Dr. Flanagan is the chair of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU Langone Health. He specializes in brain injury rehabilitation.

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Concussions in Athletes: Responding to a Sports Injury

“When in doubt, take them out.”

What Is a Concussion? How Doctors Define It

You know it when you see it, yet it’s still hard to define.

How to Reduce Your Risk of Concussions + Traumatic Brain Injuries

“Excessive risk-taking? Probably not a good idea.”

Concussion Danger Signs: When to Go to the Emergency Room

“If you’re in doubt, seek out care in an emergency department.”

Diagnosing a Concussion: Questions to Ask Your Doctor

“Folks who get good information … typically have a faster recovery.”

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury? Understanding the 3 Types

TBIs caused around 2.5 million visits to the ER in 2014.