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Dr. Friedler is a dermatologist and clinical instructor at The Mount Sinai Hospital and St. John's Episcopal Hospital.

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Choosing the Right Psoriasis Treatment: A Dermatologist’s Advice

The decision is individualized and takes in several factors.

More Than Skin Deep: The Complications of Psoriasis

Psoriasis increases your risk for many other conditions.

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Have psoriasis? Here’s how to keep your skin looking its best.

How to Cope with the Emotional Toll of Psoriasis

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Sunlight and Psoriasis: What a Dermatologist Wants You to Know

Is sun exposure *actually* healthy for people with psoriasis?

Signs Your Skin Problems Are Actually Psoriasis

Psoriasis symptoms often mimic other common skin issues.

7 Myths About Psoriasis, Debunked by a Dermatologist

Once and for all: Psoriasis is not contagious.

6 Daily Habits to Help Heal Your Psoriasis

These lifestyle tweaks may help keep skin symptoms in remission.

Psoriasis Diet: How to Eat for Healthier Skin

Your diet won’t cure psoriasis, but it can help in some unexpected ways.

Dermatologist-Approved Solutions for Severe Eczema

Here’s what to do if eczema is seriously affecting your life.

Medical Treatments for Eczema You Should Know About

Derms recommend these when lifestyle changes aren’t cutting it.

6 Major Eczema Triggers to Avoid for Healthier Skin

Yeah, stressing over that work deadline can lead to an eczema flare-up.

What Is Eczema? A Dermatologist Explains

They call this skin condition the “itch that rashes.”

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Laundry and Eczema: 4 Tips to Stop Irritating Your Skin

Could your laundry routine be making your eczema worse?

Eczema Symptoms You Might Be Ignoring

The primary symptom of this itchy skin condition isn’t exactly visible to the eye.

Eczema Diet: How to Eat for Healthier Skin

Experts have uncovered a few links between your diet choices and skin health.