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Sylvia Mohen, MD, is a neurologist at New York Neurology Associates, P.C.

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Sensing Your Triggers: How Lights, Sounds, and Odors Impact Migraines

Most people who suffer from migraines experience sensory sensitivity.

To Eat or Not to Eat? How to Identify Your Migraine Trigger Foods

You may not need to give up some migraine trigger foods entirely.

The Toll Migraines Have on Relationships

“People who don't experience them will think of them as just a headache.”

When a Migraine Strikes at Work: An Action Plan

It helps to be on the same page with your employer.

The Stress-Migraine Cycle: How to Identify + Stop It

Migraines can strike when stress rises … but also when stress drops.

The Dos and Don’ts of Treating + Preventing Migraines

Avoid these common pitfalls for a more successful treatment regimen.

Your Migraine Forecast: How to Predict Migraine Attacks

“There's a wide array of physical symptoms that can indicate that your migraine is coming.”

How to Treat a Migraine Early

The longer you wait to take your acute migraine medication, the less effective it will be.

Migraine Travel Kit: What to Pack to Treat + Prevent Attacks

Have these items handy to keep migraine triggers at bay.

Causes of a Migraine Medication Overuse Headache

If you’re prone to migraines, overdoing it on certain medicines can create a headache … literally.

Migraine Treatment Not Working? How to Talk to Your Doctor

When you give specifics, your doctor can make more informed treatment decisions.

Is Your Migraine Treatment Working?

You have a range of options, so it’s worth the effort to find the right fit.