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Dr. Linden is a gastroenterologist based in New York City and a clinical instructor in the Department of Medicine at NYU Langone Health.

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What Happens When Ulcerative Colitis Medications Don’t Work?

After trying every option, here’s what one woman chose to do.

Innocent Habits That Can Trigger Ulcerative Colitis Flares

It’s crucial to manage UC, even if you’re not experiencing symptoms.

Biologic Therapy to Treat Ulcerative Colitis: How These Medications Work

This option is a game-changer for those with severe UC.

It’s Not What You Eat: What Actually Causes Ulcerative Colitis

Some foods trigger ulcerative colitis flares, but no foods have been found to cause the disease itself.

The Relationship Between Food and Ulcerative Colitis

Some foods may manage UC symptoms better than others.

Complications of Ulcerative Colitis: What a GI Doctor Wants You to Know

Proper management of UC can help prevent these more serious problems.

4 Types of Ulcerative Colitis, According to a Gastroenterologist

Symptoms vary depending on where UC inflammation occurs.

Treating Ulcerative Colitis: Understanding Your Options

The goal of treatment is to control inflammation and achieve and maintain remission.

Ulcerative Colitis vs. Crohn’s Disease: What’s the Difference?

They both fall under the inflammatory bowel disease umbrella.

What Is Ulcerative Colitis? Key Facts to Know

About 900,000 Americans are affected by this inflammatory bowel disease.