Living With and Treating Depression

Depression: Overview 01:54

Depression: Overview

Psychiatrist, Dr. Susan Samuels, explains what exactly is depression and what the symptoms might be.

Depression: Psychotherapy 03:25

Depression: Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is one an effective treatment option for depression. Dr. Susan Samuels discusses the three main types of psychotherapy.

Depression: Medications 02:07

Depression: Medications

Medications for depression aim to recalibrate the imbalance in the chemicals in your brain. Learn more about medications for depression here.

Depression: New Treatments 02:41

Depression: New Treatments

There are several medications and therapies that work quite well for depression and there are also great new innovative options to treat depression.

Depression: Sleep and Exercise 01:21

Depression: Sleep and Exercise

Sleep and exercise are important in helping symptoms of depression. Exercise can elevate your mood and sleep can help you deal with tough situations.

Depression: ECT 01:13

Depression: ECT

When medication and psychotherapy are not effective, an alternative treatment for depression is ECT, electroconvulsive therapy.