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Health Insights: OAB Behavioral Modification Therapies

Video Description

There are options for overactive bladder treatment that don't require surgery or drug therapy. One example of this is called OAB behavioral modification, and more specifically the alteration in fluid intake. It is not recommended that you dehydrate yourself, but rather a moderation in fluid intake. 

Another example of behavioral modification is training your bladder. For this, you would go to the bathroom on a schedule, or you could do what you call Kegel exercises, which is to essentially contract the muscles of the pelvic floor to strengthen the muscle. 

In this episode of Health Insights, Dr. Holly Atkinson sits down with Dr. Harris Foster to discuss overactive bladder and how behavioral therapy can dramatically change how you feel. It's worth trying a number of techniques to find the right one or combination that works best for you.


Duration: 03:56 Last Updated On: 2016-02-11
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