Editorial Policy

HealthiNation’s editorial goal is to provide the most accurate, objective, well-balanced health information to our viewers. HealthiNation’s editorial team maintains complete editorial independence, free from influence by advertisers, sponsors, partners, or other sources. Our editorial team is separate from the sales team, who works on promotional activities.

1. Editorial Team

Our editorial team includes our Chief Medical Officer (a physician), Executive Producer, Producers, Editors and Assistant Producers. Our staff editorial team is joined in our work by members of our Medical Advisory Board (“MAB”), which includes practicing, board-certified physicians trained in a variety of sub-specialties and other health professionals, such as registered dietitians. Biographies of members of HealthiNation’s editorial staff and Medical Advisory Board can be viewed at these links:
Staff: http://www.healthination.com/about
Medical Advisory Board: http://www.healthination.com/about

2. Editorial Content

We are dedicated to providing information on a wide variety of health topics. We create original educational programming about relevant health topics and health trends affecting the public. Topics are also selected in response to the interests and requests from HealthiNation’s viewers. Each week, the editorial team meets to discuss production issues. The MAB is consulted on an ongoing, as-needed basis, individually or collectively, for input on content development.

2.a. Original Production:

Prior to the release of any originally-produced content, physicians on staff and appropriate members of the Medical Advisory Board review the content. The process includes the following review touch-points:
The topic outline is reviewed and revised as necessary by the Chief Medical Editor, Executive Producer/Producers, Editors, Assistant Producers and Physician host of the segment;

  • Once approved, the outline is developed into a script by the Senior Producer or Assistant Producer.
  • The script is reviewed and revised as necessary by the Chief Medical Editor, the Executive Producer/Producer/Assistant Producer and Physician host for the particular segment.
  • Once the script is approved, it goes into production and the video segment is shot.
  • Any graphics included in a video segment are created with the input of the Chief Medical Editor.
  • A final post-production review of the finished segment is done by the Chief Medical Editor and Executive Producer/Producer/Assistant Producer before uploading or making available to viewers.

2.b. Bi-Annual Review Process of Content:

In addition to initial review and approval, each segment is re-reviewed bi-annually by two of the following: the Chief Medical Editor or Staff Physician Reviewer, to ensure that the medical information is accurate and current. An extensive review is conducted to determine if there have been changes in practice guidelines that have occurred during the previous two years. Further, the Chief Medical Editor, Staff Reviewer and MAB members work to update content throughout the year on a case-by-case basis, as appropriate, based on any new important medical advances, news, major changes in guidelines or drug recalls, etc. that are brought to the attention of our editorial team or MAB.

3. Content Reviewer Qualifications

Our HealthiNation editorial team includes our Chief Medical Editor (an MD), Executive, Producers, Editors and Assistant Producers. Our staff editorial team is joined by members of our Medical Advisory Board, which includes practicing, board-certified physicians trained in a variety of sub-specialties and other health professionals, such as registered dietitians. The medical education content is created and reviewed by our extensive editorial team.
Each segment is reviewed by a physician according to the following qualifications.

TierMedical General Reviewer
CredentialsMandatory requirement:

  1. MD or DO degree from accredited university
  2. Hospital affiliation or private practice preferred but not mandatory;
  3. medical license current and in good standing.

The Chief Medical Editor is responsible for overseeing the content review process and works directly with physicians on the Medical Advisory Board to review all content.

3.a. Staff Requirements:

The HealthiNation position of Chief Medical Editor is a medical doctor position. Candidates must be a medical doctor educated and trained in an accredited medical school. Preference is given to either a physician affiliated with an academic institution or a physician in private practice. Staff writers/producers/assistant producers have a minimum of a college degree and preferably several years’ experience in producing video content.

3.b. Medical Advisory Board (MAB) Requirements:

HealthiNation’s Medical Advisory Board members include physicians trained in various subspecialties of medicine and surgery, and other health professionals such as nutritionists and/or psychologists. MAB member selection is based on factors such as specialty training, board certification and institutional representation. HealthiNation makes every effort to have a well-rounded Medical Advisory Board that represents a range of specialties, such that we have a breadth of medical expertise to draw upon.

Medical Advisory Board members serve at the invitation of HealthiNation senior management and sign a contract for their services wherein the amount of compensation, if any, is identified and in which they legally attest to their stated education, training, licensure, and board-certification(s). Medical Advisory Board members engage with HealthiNation under the agreement that the services they provide to HealthiNation do not in any way constitute the practice of medicine or the giving of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, rather, that HealthiNation provides only general health information via educational videos. Viewers are always encouraged to seek the advice of their physician or other qualified healthcare provider. HealthiNation verifies licensure/certifications and standing in the medical community with State Medical Boards every two years, upon contract initiation or renewal. MAB contracts are renewed every two years. The contract requires MAB physicians to notify HealthiNation of any change in medical licensure status to HealthiNation with 21 days of any change, including but not limited to re-licensure, board certifications, and/or any disciplinary action(s). If MAB members were not deemed to be in good standing in the medical community (which could include factors such as adverse changes in affiliation, practice, licensure or certification status, and/or issues involving personal integrity or conflicts of interest) as judged by HealthiNation senior management, their contracts can be/will be terminated, and/or will not be renewed.

3.c. Conflict of Interest Disclosures:

All editorial staff of HealthiNation and any physician/medical/health professional who serves on the HealthiNation Medical Advisory Board must fully disclose, by signing our Conflict of Interest Statement, any financial interests or other meaningful relationship(s) that he or she or his/her spouse/partner may have in any pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device or other company in the medical arena that may present a conflict of interest in the development of any given video segment.

4. Sources of Information

HealthiNation’s content is created in-house by the editorial staff, which includes physicians and producers. Our sources include peer-reviewed medical journals, medical conferences, government agencies, medical and health associations, our Medical Advisory Board, and physician specialists, as needed. Sources for each segment produced are recorded on the show text summary, which can be found on www.healthination.com near the thumbnail of each video segment.

5. Author, Source and Date Disclosure

HealthiNation provides the name and title/credentials of the host, and/or source of the material used to create our video segments and the date of the most recent review or update for each segment. This information is located in the video player information icon for each video segment. Sponsorship, if any, is fully disclosed on video segments and text summaries.

HealthiNation also maintains an internal database that tracks the author, source and original production date, along with last review date for each segment. Each segment is reviewed and updated on a bi-annual basis, or as needed, based upon new evidence (whichever is sooner), by either the author of the segment/HealthiNation physician staff member and/or a member of the Medical Advisory Board. The name of the medical professional who reviewed the content is also disclosed.

6. Licensed Health Content

If we so choose, HealthiNation is committed to licensing health content that upholds the same standards we use to create our own independent content. Should HealthiNation license health and lifestyle content from a Third-Party provider, a thorough due-diligence will be performed on the content itself and the editorial process by which the content is created. We will verify that the Third-Party’s editorial policies and procedures reflect those of HealthiNation’s standards articulated in this document and reflect best practices in the industry. Our agreement with any Third-Party will stipulate that the Third-Party will provide content generated by appropriately credentialed authors, that all content is medically accurate, and updated in a timely way. The content should be reviewed, at least, on a bi-annual basis, and if any relevant change occurs in medical practice before that time, updates should be made accordingly. Although, HealthiNation’s editorial staff will not review each individual segment, we will review a representative sample to determine if the editorial policy is implemented by the Third-Party provider consistent with HealthiNation’s standards. If, at any time, the editorial process or content of the Third-Party does not meet these requirements, the content will be taken down at the discretion of HealthiNation and will not be distributed on our affiliate network until appropriate changes are made. If the Third-Party is found to be in continued violation of HealthiNation’s standards, HealthiNation will cease to work with that Third-Party.

7. Editorial Integrity

We make a clear distinction between our independently produced, educational, health content and any advertising or sponsorship that may accompany it. Additionally, all advertisements placed against HealthiNation content are clearly marked as “advertiser content.”

Staff of HealthiNation and any person who serves on our Medical Advisory Board must sign a Conflict of Interest statement to fully disclose any financial or other interests that he or she may have in any pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device or other company perceived to have influence in the healthcare industry. This is to assure transparency in our production process. If there is a conflict of interest, the individual will not be allowed to partake in the production of the related video segment, as determined by HealthiNation staff.

8. Advertising Distinguished from Health Content

HealthiNation clearly distinguishes advertising content sponsored by outside parties from our independently-created health content.

HealthiNation uses a number of terms to connote that the associated content—whether ads or informational content—is funded by an outside party. Two broad categories of sponsorship terms are used, “Advertisement,” and “Sponsor Content”:

  • Advertising: HealthiNation accepts funding from outside parties to run ads that promote their products/services across our distribution network. These ads are typically placed in banners above or below our video player. Such advertising content is subject to HealthiNation’s Advertisement Policy, and, when necessary, the regulatory guidelines of agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The Sponsor is responsible for the information in the Advertisement as well as compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. HealthiNation does not endorse any products, service or treatment discussed within Advertisements.
  • Sponsor Content: HealthiNation includes sponsored content in the form of video lead-ins to HealthiNation videos or as stand-alone video segments for distribution across our network. Such video pre-rolls or video segments are clearly labeled as advertising/sponsored content, with a label below the video as it plays.

HealthiNation distinguishes our own independently-created content from outside content/ads by labeling it as Advertisement or Sponsored Content. We clearly indicate on both the website (www.healthination.com) and in our syndicated, network video player, when and where such sponsored content/ads appear. The following link takes you to our advertising solutions page, which shows the placement of ads and sponsored programming within our video player: http://www.healthination.com/Advertise-With-Us/Advertising-Solutions.

9. Claims of Therapeutic Benefit

Physicians on staff, in concert with the Medical Advisory Board—comprised of physicians and dietitians who act as hosts of HealthiNation videos—make sure that claims of therapeutic benefit are supported by evidence gleaned from clinical organizations, medical conferences, government agencies, and published best practice guidelines from medical and health associations. As part of our editorial process, the medical team researches the topic under discussion by reviewing a wealth of information gathered from the above-named sources, as well as the medical literature, which is searched on databases such as PubMed, the Cochrane Database, AHRQ and Up-to-Date. Documentation of sources and the URLs providing links to the source documents, when appropriate, are provided on the text summary page of each video segment.

10. False or Misleading Claims

HealthiNation is the sole decision-maker for determining the types of advertising that are accepted and displayed within the HealthiNation network.

HealthiNation does not endorse any medications, products and/or services advertised.

HealthiNation categorically does not accept Advertisements that promote products, services, websites or other items that fall within the following groups:

  • Tobacco of any kind
  • Weapons, firearms and/or fireworks
  • Pornography or other obscenity
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Any product that is illegal in the U.S.
  • Ads aimed directly at children
  • Ads that are factually incorrect or aim to deceive the viewer, either about the effectiveness of the product itself or in the manner in which the ad is displayed (for example, a mock news story)
  • Material that is deemed disrespectful, demeaning, or offensive to a particular group of individuals, simply lacking in taste, or harmful in any way to the reputation of HealthiNation.

If a question arises regarding the acceptability of an Advertiser or advertisement, the issue goes before the HealthiNation Quality Control Committee where either the potential advertiser or the advertisement is reviewed for acceptability. The advertiser or advertisement is judged for both its appropriateness and credibility, particularly with regard to health claims.

Advertisers are expected to adhere to the appropriate regulatory guidelines of agencies including but not limited to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) governing any particular product advertisement (for example, pharmaceutical drug ads aimed at consumers must comply with the FDA’s guidelines for Direct-to-Consumer advertising.) If HealthiNation becomes aware of any breach with applicable laws and regulations, HealthiNation has the right and responsibility to cancel the advertisement.
HealthiNation reserves the right to remove or cancel, at any time, for any reason, any Advertising from the HealthiNation network. Advertisers will be promptly notified should such an action occur. Sponsored content is clearly identified as such in the HealthiNation network. HealthiNation reserves the right to best determine how to distinguish Advertising/Sponsored content from our originally-produced editorial content.

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