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305 Fitness

In our Tryout Workout series we take you through the workout gauntlet to find which type of workout fits you best!

In episode 10 of Tryout Workout, Desi heads to 305 Fitness, where working out feels more like a party! Sadie, the founder of 305 Fitness, explains their philosophy of aerobic dance exercises and shows Desi how the classes operate. These classes and exercises are a great way to start your day and prepare for a weekend of dancing!

Sadie explains that 305 Fitness started out back when she was in college. She would go out dancing with her friends in clubs and noticed everyone sweating and moving and thought, "why not add this to workouts"? So she came to New York and started 305 Fitness.

Workouts at 305 Fitness start with a warm up, followed by some high intensity sprint moves, then some non-stop dance cardio for 30 minutes, followed by toning section, and they finish off with a sprint, followed by a cool down and some stretching and you're out of the gym in 55 minutes.

All of these high intensity exercises are mixed up with some dancing, which is what makes these workouts unique. Try mixing up your workouts with a little fun, music, and dancing and see for yourself that it goes a long way!



Duration: 3:43. Last Updated On: Nov. 8, 2017, 6:14 p.m.
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