Abs, Abs, and More Abs! A Killer 15-Minute Core Workout

These ab exercises can help make that flat belly a reality.

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Most of us don’t hit the gym dying to give our abs a killer workout. Ab workouts are more like a necessary evil. They’re no picnic, but you know they’re good for your fitness and core strength, and you’ll be super relieved once they’re over and done. So if you’re gonna go through the effort of doing an ab workout, might as well make it a powerful and effective one.

This 15-minute core routine zeros in on your midsection to help you build a stronger core and flatten your belly.

And if you need an extra dose of motivation, remember that extra tummy fat is linked to a host of health issues, like high blood pressure and heart disease. Whittling away your waistline will do more than just help you do 20 sit ups without losing your breath!

During this 15-minute abs workout, certified physical trainer Holly Rilinger leads you through a one-minute warmup, and then  five moves, each done for 30 seconds, with jogging as an active recovery between moves. Active recovery forces you to keep moving instead of stopping to rest, so the workout builds your endurance. The entire set is repeated four times.

This abs workout features the following moves:

  • Walk-outs

  • Walking planks

  • Russian twists

  • Mountain climbers

  • Side planks

Want a shorter abs workout? Try Holly’s six-minute abs workout. If you want to switch up your routine, you can also try this 10-minute yoga routine for core strength.