10 Low-Effort Ways to Burn 200 Calories

Staying active doesn’t always require a gym.

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Not every day feels like a gym day. And hey, you probably deserve a rest day, anyway. (Here’s why one personal trainer insists on rest days.) 

But even on your rest days, there’s no need to be a total couch potato. You can burn 200 calories jogging for half an hour—calculated for a 155-pound person—or you could can do any of these 10 activities instead.

  1. Gardening for 35 minutes. Squatting down to pull weeds and dig out carrots takes more work than it looks.

  2. Walking at 3.5 MPH for 40 minutes. Psst—you’ll burn even more if you bring your dog with you.

  3. Billiards for 65 minutes. Who knew breaking the rack was such a good exercise?

  4. Cleaning the house for 50 minutes. That number can go up and down big time, depending on whether you’re mopping a grimy floor or just sweeping up cat hair.   

  5. Fishing for 45 minutes. Obviously, having to reel in a fish will keep that number on the high end. Sitting in a lawn chair and cracking open a cold one might do the opposite.

  6. Fast dancing for 30 minutes. Looks like the cha cha burns calories at the same rate as jogging. If you love dancing, try dance-inspired fitness classes like Zumba, POUND, or even jazzercise. (Learn more about how POUND classes work here.)

  7. Slow dancing for 55 minutes. Grab a partner and start swaying. Spins and dips will up your calorie count!

  8. Golfing (with the cart) for 45 minutes. Ditch the cart and you’ll burn way, way more.

  9. Waitressing, serving, or bartending for 65 minutes. Table four might be pestering you for refills all night, but at least they’re jump-starting your step count.

  10. Playing with kids for 40 minutes. No, not Guess Who or Monopoly, Jr. Get outside and play tag, jump in some leaves, or give piggyback rides. Your toddler might be getting heavier every day, but that just gives you stronger arms. Hello, biceps.

Looking for even simpler ways to keep your pedometer working? Here’s a trainer’s tips for sneaking in activity throughout the day.