Try This Tabata Workout to Burn Crazy Calories

All you need is 12 minutes for this tabata routine.

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Alotta Tabata is a high intensity cross fit routine that consist of doing certain exercises for 20 second with 10 seconds of rest. If your looking to get your heart pumping and sweat out last nights dessert then this is the perfect workout for you!

In this episode of Kickstart Workouts, certified personal trainer Holly Rilinger cranks up the intensity with tabata. This workout is comprised of 4 exercises in 6 rounds and includes the following moves: push-ups, squats, high plank shoulder taps and split jumps.  

When it comes to burning a lot of calories in a little amount of time tabata is a go to choice, these workouts are fast paced and no equipment is needed. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!