An Intro to Stand up Paddle Boarding

Jennifer takes her first stand up paddle boarding class, which is a fun and fit way to spend a summer's day!

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One of the most wonderful parts about summer is taking advantage of time at the beach. While it's fun to sunbathe, you will find it even more rewarding to get active by picking up a sport like stand up paddle boarding this year.

Jennifer Galardi takes her first stand up paddle boarding lesson from Eric of Hampton Water Sports in South Hampton. Stand up paddle boarding is a great workout for your core, as it works your arms, abs, and stomach muscles. As you select a board, the wider the better - this will help with your stability and balance. You will know you have the right paddle for your height when it reaches just under your wrist bone when standing upright.

Now is for the fun part - getting in the water! As you paddle, make sure to keep your knees slightly bent, your head up, and your back straight. Next time you have the opportunity, give stand up paddle boarding a try for yourself.