Do This Every 3 Weeks to Avoid a Workout Plateau

A little variety does a body good.

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Let’s face it: One of the most motivating aspects of exercising is the results. When those results start slowing down and end in a workout plateau, your workouts might feel like a chore. This fitness rut can be cured with one smart trick.

Whether you’re suffering from treadmill boredom or trying to get past a weight loss plateau, certified trainer Holly Rilinger recommends switching up your workout routine every three weeks. If you’ve been increasing your reps for three weeks, switch to increasing your weight. If you’ve been upping your miles on the treadmill, try upping the incline instead.

And, for a complete way to bust your workout plateau, try a brand new workout. Try swimming for three weeks, then fencing for three weeks, then Pilates for three weeks, then tabata for three weeks, and so on. This varied fitness plan will help you break through your workout plateau and stay committed to your health goals.