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Beginner Butt Workout

Training your glutes has more benefits than you may think! As a consequence of "sitting disease" many suffer from poor posture, strong glutes bring more support to the lower back which help set a good foundation for your posture.  

It's all about the booty in this 8 minute HIIT This workout for beginners created by personal trainer Rob Sulaver. Everyone wants a great rear, but did you know that having a great butt also benefits your knees by keeping them nice and aligned? Rob shows you 2 key moves (curtsy lunges and side plank clam shells) repeated across 3 circuits.

Curtsy lunges are lunges preformed by having your thighs cross by bending both knees as if your are curtsying. These differ from traditional lunges because it puts a emphasis on your glutes by hitting your glute medius. 

Side plank clam shells is performed while performing the side plank from the knees, making this one a little easier at first and probably a good place to start. You need to make sure your hips move forward and your body is in alignment, core stability and control is very important when doing this exercise. 


Rob Sulaver

This video features Rob Sulaver.

Duration: 8:50.
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