This Low-Impact Cardio Workout Is Perfect for Beginners

Break a healthy sweat in just 8 minutes of cardio.

A cardio workout is the go to weight loss formula! An elevated heart rate and proper breathing is the key to a productive cardio session. Beginners should move at their own pace but at the same time giving max effort to fully benefit from the workout. This cardio session doesn't require a treadmill or miles of running space, all these workouts can be done from your living room. 

Fitness instructor Kara Liotta demonstrates a beginner cardio workout she designed to make you sweat. Prepare to jump, jog, squat, and get your heart rate up in only 8 intense minutes. Having a fulfilled cardio workout is all bout effort, when jumping, jogging and squatting make sure to be explosive and breathes so enough oxygen is getting to those overworked muscles! 


Kara Liotta

This video features Kara Liotta.

Duration: 8:32. Last Updated On: Nov. 8, 2017, 6:14 p.m.
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