Got 10 Minutes? You Can Do This Beginner Cardio Workout

Who says you have to spend 45 minutes on the treadmill?

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No time for a good cardio workout? This is a cardio routine that you won’t even need a whole 10 minutes for! 

Our bodies are made to move! If you have a job where your sitting down a lot chances are your back is hurting from your chair, your head is killing you from the computer screen you're always staring at, and you tired without doing anything physical. After a workout on the other hand you feel awake, flexible and naturally energized. Cardio enhances your quality of life not just physically but mentally as well!  

Have you been putting off your workout? It is now time to get your cardio done quicker. Fitness instructor Kara Liotta has developed a HIIT workout to get you started! This cardio routine is under 10 minutes and designed to burn calories and get you fitter, faster.