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Beginner Core & Lower Body

Get ready for 8 minutes of heart pumping fitness! 

Personal Trainer Rob Sulaver has crafted an intense 8 minute HIIT. This workout repeating 4 main moves (left hop squats, right hop squats, supine 90° rotation, jumping jacks) for a total of 50 reps per set. Grab a bench or chair and prepare to feel the burn!

Hop Squats are done by elevating one leg while keeping the other forward, proceed to bend the forward leg and lower your body on the way up slighting jump in the air and on the way down land and control your weight. Alternate between right and left legs. 

Supine 90° rotation is done by taking your feet off the ground and bending your hips and knees in 90° angles. This is great for flexing your core and increasing stability and balance. 

Jumping jacks are common but very effective. Get in your standing position with your feet together and hands down by your side. In one fluent motion jump and spread your feet out to the side and raise your arms above you head. Immediately reverse the motion by jumping back in your starting position. 

These workouts are super easy, but after 50 reps per set you may look at them differently. So get up and get started! 


Rob Sulaver

This video features Rob Sulaver.

Duration: 8:14.
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