Try This 12-Minute Beginner Lower Body Workout

Just four little moves for strong, sculpted legs? Yesss.

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Fitness instructor Kara Liotta has designed the ultimate 12 minute lower body workout routine for beginners sure to make you sweat.

In this HIIT This video Kara has you working your glutes, hamstrings, and the outer hips. This routine is comprised of 4 moves (hamstring extensions, abductor leg lifts, glute bridge leg extensions, squat holds), repeated twice.

Hamstring extensions are done my getting on your hands and knees and raising one leg up at a time. These are great way to stretch and strengthen your hamstrings by controlling the movement and not letting the movement control you.  

Abductor leg lifts are performed by lying on your side with both legs fully extended, exhale as you lift the top leg as high as you can and inhale as you lower your leg back down stopping just before your legs touch. Repeat until you reach your reps then switch sides. 

Glute bridge leg extensions is a great lower body exercise, start by lying on your back with your knees bent. Bridge up and hold this position, from the bridge extend one of your legs and flex your quadriceps. 

Squat holds are the last exercise in this circuit. Squat holds are great for building endurance and they are very simple to do but don’t be fooled these are not as easy as they sound. Get in your squat position and bend your knees just as you would if you were squatting but don’t descend. Get your thighs parallel with the floor and hold. Sounds easy right?