Work Off a Box of Peeps: Here’s How Much to Exercise

Overindulged on Easter chickies? Here’s how to burn those extra calories.

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With any holiday, it’s natural to want to celebrate by indulging in the delicious treats that come along with them (and you totally should, because, #YOLO). With Easter, that means chocolate bunnies, Cadbury Creme Eggs, and of course, those famous marshmallow bunnies and chickies, Peeps.

As soon as those fluffy, sugary chicks touch your lips, you may feel a rush of Mmmm followed by a surge of eeek-I’m-supposed-to-eat-less-sugar guilt. Hey, don’t beat yourself up. To successfully conquer any long-lasting health change, there needs to be balance. Not deprivation. Not guilt. Balance. It’s 100% OK to treat yourself, as long as you have a deal with yourself to bounce back and reset your health goals. (Check out these tips on how to survive a diet setback.)

So, if you’ve indulged in a 140-calorie box of Peeps, we’ve got some ways you can burn those suckers off:

  • 30 mins of bike riding or brisk walking: Calories burned = 140
  • 15 mins of running (5 mph): Calories burned = 150
  • 30 mins of gardening or yard work: Calories burned = 165
  • 40 mins of bowling: Calories burned = 150
  • 40 mins of light weight lifting: Calories burned = 150
  • 30 mins of yoga: Calories burned = 150


Take that, Peeps.