Burn Off a Zombie Frappuccino: Here’s How Much to Exercise

… besides running for your life during a zombie apocalypse.

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There’s no way you were dragging your feet like a zombie when you heard about Starbucks’ living dead-inspired blended drink, the Zombie Frappuccino. With its green caramel apple base, mocha drizzle, and frothy pink whipped cream, this icy beverage is most definitely more treat than trick. Also, it tastes really, really good.

After downing that Zombie Frap, first comes yum, then maybe a zombie-like groan when you find out the monstrous amount of sugar you just consumed. A Grande Zombie Frappuccino (made with 2% milk) has a whopping 54 grams of sugar and 280 calories.

But don’t freak out just yet—you can and will survive from this sugar-pocalypse. It’s 100% OK to treat yourself to Frankenstein-inspired dessert drinks, as long as you have a deal with yourself to reboot and reset your health goals. (Check out how to bounce back from a diet setback here.)

So, if you’ve indulged in a 280-calorie Zombie Frappuccino, we’ve got some ways you can burn that sucker off (besides running from zombies, of course):

  • 25 minutes on an elliptical: Calories burned = 280
  • 1 hour of brisk walking: Calories burned = 280
  • 40 minutes of swimming: Calories burned = 300
  • 30 minutes of rock climbing (a useful skill for escaping zombies): Calories burned = 300
  • 1 hour of yoga: Calories burned = 300


Take that, zombies.


Image: Starbucks