4 Full-Body Exercises You Can Do with Just a Chair

Sitting too much? Here’s a simple fix.

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If you spend most of your day in an office chair, you’re in good company: A typical adult sits around five hours a day, and those of us who work on computers log even more time chained to the chair.

This time spent sitting carries several health risks. In fact, this phenomenon is so ubiquitous that doctors even coined a name for it: sitting disease. This refers to periods of prolonged sitting, regardless of other physical activity during the rest of the day.

Although it is unclear if sitting disease directly causes chronic illnesses, studies have found associations between prolonged sitting and heart disease, higher cholesterol, an increase in insulin resistance, loss in bone density, and obesity.

To counter the risks of sitting disease, personal trainer Rob Sulaver has the midday workout that’s perfect for getting out of your chair and on your feet. In fact, your chair will become part of the workout. And if you’re feeling bold at work, you can even pull these chair exercises off right at your desk.

TBH, you’ll probably recognize a few of these moves, but they’ve been adapted to include the chair. For a chair exercise, instead of tricep dips, you’ll do chair dips. Instead of a typical squat, you’ll do a chair squat.

This chair workout includes three sets of four moves: reverse bridges, chair dips, chair squats, and mountain climbers. You’ll do each chair exercise for 30 seconds.