A Personal Trainer's Trick for Meditating on Zero Time

Here’s how to make mindfulness part of your routine.

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Meditation is not just for yogis and “free spirits” anymore:  Everyone can benefit from adding mindfulness to their life, which is why meditating is becoming more mainstream in the fitness world.

If you think you don’t have time for daily meditation, you are likely a prime candidate for this short daily meditation practice. All those days of eating on the go, rushing to meetings, and squeezing in a workout sesh can really have your mind racing in 10 different directions. A short daily mindfulness meditation practice is the perfect way to ground yourself.

Certified trainer Holly Rilinger may be known for her endless energy and killer workouts (check out this core-blasting routine!), but she also uses daily meditation to help her calm her thoughts and make her whole life more efficient.

For five to 10 minutes a day, Holly recommends finding a comfortable place, connecting to your breathing, and allowing thoughts to come to your mind without judgment. Use this mindfulness meditation tip to center yourself for the day and be the best version of yourself.

For more guidance on practicing mindfulness, check out this guided meditation for destressing.