A Quickie Postpartum Workout You Can Do Right at Home

You can literally squeeze this in between nursing and napping.

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Want to squeeze a workout in after you've FINALLY gotten the baby to sleep? Don't have time to hire a sitter and run to the gym? Do not worry; Rob Sulaver has the perfect workout for you that will get your heart racing while the baby sleeps.

Exercise one is floor toe touches. Starting with your feet together, jump your feet out wide and squat slightly, so that your fingers can touch the floor. Then, hop your feet back into starting position. Try to keep your chest upright. This move targets your quads and your glutes. 

Exercise two is the inch worm, also known as walkout planks. Starting from standing, bend over and walk your hands out until your body is in full plank position. Next, walk your feet in so that your toes are almost touching your hands, and stand up straight. You should feel this in your core as well as your shoulders. 

Exercise three is glute bridge marches. Lying on your back with your feet flat on the floor, bridge your hips up. You should feel tightness in that glute-hamstring connection. Keeping your hips high, reach one leg up to the ceiling and back down. Make sure to alternate between legs. 

Repeat each exercise for thirty seconds, doing three rounds of each. It's quick, easy, and quiet enough that the baby will still probably be sleeping.