3 Simple Exercise Moves for Your First Gym Workout

Gym newbie? Don't be intimidated.

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Hitting the gym for the first time? It’s normal to feel intimidated—even trainers admit to feeling it sometimes. (Here’s one trainer’s advice to beat the gym intimidation.) Many of the regular gym goers already have established routines and look like pros on special equipment you’ve never even seen before.

But don’t let that take you away from the treadmill. Making the decision to go to the gym is a huge step toward accomplishing your fitness goals, and certified trainer Rob Sulaver is here to show you the ropes. With these classic moves, you’ll have a plan and will feel more confident when you step out of the locker room.

In this episode of Just Get Started, Rob guides you through a perfect beginner workout plan consisting of three different exercise moves. These moves will give you a full-body workout, and you’ll feel the burn everywhere from your glutes to your triceps.

This beginner workout uses the following exercises:

  • Goblet Squat

  • Dumbbell Press with Rotation

  • Bent Over Rows

Complete this cycle three times, with 12 reps of each exercise. When picking out your weights, don’t get carried away. A manageable weight for a gym newbie is around 5 to 10 pounds, but it’s totally okay if you need to start with the 2.5-pound dumbbells. For a little more challenge, 10-15 pounds is a great target. If you’re unable to complete the full 12 reps, you should switch to a lighter weight.

If you’re new to working out, remember to cross-train your workout. (That means don’t do the same workout every time.) You’ll want to add some cardio and flexibility training in your schedule to make these beginner strength exercises more effective.

Still nervous about your first trip to the gym? Here’s a guide for navigating the gym. For more beginner workouts, try this 10-minute beginner cardio routine or these four basic moves for total beginners.