The Perks of Fitness Trackers, According to a Trainer

Get the deets on your fitness goals with these tools.

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Need a little extra motivation to stay active? Fitness trackers are a popular tool that help people monitor their daily activity levels, calories burned, distance traveled, and even how well they slept!  These devices will help you see how even common, household tasks add up and get closer to your goals.

An activity tracker can range from simple (like the basic pedometers you can buy for $20 or less) to incredibly advanced (like the “smart” fitness watches for up to a few hundred bucks).

The best fitness tracker for you depends on what you need: If you just want to count your steps, you can save your money and opt for a pedometer. If you’re looking for a more advanced look into your fitness, you’ll need to spend a little more to get all those capabilities.

A pricier activity tracker can help you track goals (like how many steps you want to take every day) and show you how many calories you’ve walked off, which can further motivate you to keep moving. If this is out of your budget, consider buying a basic pedometer and tracking the steps every night in a journal. This low-tech alternative to a fitness tracker might help you see the patterns (and improvement!) in your activity levels.