You Can Do This Low-Impact Workout Without Getting Off the Floor

Feeling a little lazy? This workout is perfect when you’re not really in the mood to move.

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Running sure is great cardio, but it can put a lot of stress on your joints. For some people, all that pressure on the knees and ankles can be painful, and a low-impact workout is a better option.

In this episode of Just Get Started, personal trainer Rob Sulaver shows four low-impact exercise moves that take place entirely on the floor. Don’t get too comfortable, though: Just because you’re on the ground does not mean you’ll be resting! Your legs and core will feel this workout (even if your joints won’t).

Now for the good news. Even though this is a floor workout, there are no crunches. Instead, you’ll do hamstring curls, v-ups, knee ups, and mountain climbers.

You’ll need a common household item to do these low-impact moves: rags. Two washcloths or dish rags will work perfectly as a makeshift slide board, which is a small, slippery platform that you can use for strength training and physical therapy.

Put the rags under your shoes and you’ll be able to slide your legs more easily into each pose. That means no jumping, no stepping, and running, so your body can move with very little impact on the joints while still working up a sweat.

To complete this workout, you’ll do 10 reps of hamstring curls, 15 reps of v-ups, 20 reps of knee ups, and 25 mountain climbers. Repeat the entire circuit three times.

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