10 Highly Annoying Gym Pet Peeves that Make Everyone Hate You

Are you committing these workout sins?

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Let’s get super honest here: The gym probably isn’t your favorite place in the world to start with, so the last thing you need is a loud and never-ending phone conversation taking place on the treadmill next to you. Nothing kills your #fitnessgoals faster than a case of cardio rage.

So we asked our HealthiNation Facebook audience what their worst pet peeves were at the gym, and you all did not hold back.

  1. Getting mad that you took “their spot” in a fitness class (submitted by Zap Nikster)
    Look, there’s no assigned seating here, okay? Yes, we’re creatures of habit, but if the front-left corner is so important, arrive earlier.

  1. Hanging out and chatting on the equipment (submitted by Susan Long)
    Most gymgoers just want to get through their workout and get on with their day, so having to wait for the stationary bike while someone uses it as an armchair is a real downer.  

  1. Talking to you while you’re trying to work out (submitted by Anissa Palmer-Adams Webb)
    The new episode of The Bachelor starts in 45 minutes and some guy wants to slow down your leg curls with a chat about the new protein shakes he just discovered. No thank you, John. 

  1. Leaving heavy weights on barbells (submitted by Cheryl Harreld)
    Yeah, hauling those weights back to the rack is annoying, but the person who wants to use the equipment next might not be able to lift it at all, so just do it. Think of it like an extra workout.

  1. Grunting while lifting (submitted by Blair Barbero)
    This one—one of the most common answers we received!—is just awkward for everyone. To be fair, these disruptive noises might be a little involuntary, but that doesn’t mean anyone wants to hear them. This was one of the most common answers we received. 

  1. Having phone conversations on the treadmill (submitted by Kimberly Lowitz White)
    Please, please, please save your call for later. Yes, it’s a great way to distract your mind from cardio boredom, but your neighbors just don’t want to hear your one-sided convo about this weekend’s wine and cheese party. Instead, try these trainer-approved ways to make the treadmill more interesting.

  1. Dragging their feet on the treadmill and making it squeak (submitted by Linda Ventresca Williams)
    Once you notice it, you can’t ignore it. Truthfully, this is not good running form anyway, so you’ll benefit from fixing your gait if you do this. Learn more common mistakes people make on the treadmill here.

  1. Using bright smartphones in a dark spin class (submitted by Betty Diakos)
    There’s no good reason to pull out your phone in any fitness class, but it’s particularly inexcusable in spin classes, which often take place with the lights down. Congrats, you just blinded everyone in a five-bike radius.

  1. Slamming barbells to the floor (submitted by Debbie Geswein)
    On par with grunting, dropping your weights on the ground after your last deadlift is a seriously disruptive. Other people are bringing them gently down to the ground, so everyone knows you can, too. 

  1. Not cleaning the machines after use (submitted by basically everyone)
    This pet peeve gets under everyone’s skin—literally. The sweat you leave behind on the elliptical becomes a pool of bacteria for everyone else to deal with. G-R-O-S-S. This bad habit was submitted so many times, we can’t attribute it to any one person. Seriously, people? Wipe down your equipment.

For more gym etiquette tips, here are 3 tips to navigate the gym like a pro, according to a trainer.