How to Do Donkey Kicks for Stronger Glutes

A certified trainer shows the perfect form.

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Even if looking good in your yoga pants is a primary reason to focus on glutes exercises, you should know the benefits of a good glutes workout go way beyond the aesthetic reasons. Your glutes give your body power, helping you move with more strength, agility, and speed.

Need proof? Look no further than Olympic runners. You’ll quickly notice how the sprinters—those running 100-meter dashes—tend to have fuller, more developed glutes, compared to the leaner glutes of long-distance runners. That’s because it takes a lot of leg power to sprint at an Olympic level, while long-distance runners can rely more on stamina.

To build up those glutes for legs that can propel up your basement stairs or squat to pick up a laundry basket with ease, you can add moves like donkey kick exercises to your workout. This simple move requires no equipment and can be done just about anywhere.

How to Do a Donkey Kick Exercise

To start your donkey kicks, begin on all fours on the ground. Your shoulders should be perfectly aligned over your hands, and your knees should be directly below your hips.

Keeping the rest of your body stable, lift one knee off the ground to hip level—but keep the knee bent so that the bottom of your foot faces the ceiling at the height of the kick. Lower the knee back toward the ground and repeat.

While doing each donkey kick, keep your core engaged and your glutes tight. For maximum stability, keep fingers outstretched and firmly on the ground, and use your non-kicking foot as an anchor. To avoid injuries during donkey kicks, keep your back and neck straight, with your spine in a neutral position.

Switch legs and repeat with the other side.

Once you’ve mastered the donkey kick, put it to use with this 5-minute workout that tones the butt.