How to Do the Perfect Kick Through, According to a Trainer

A full-body workout (plus cardio!)  in one simple move.

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So over burpees? Kick throughs are the full-body move that will replace those old burpees and revive to your go-to workouts. The perfect kick through will work your core, glutes, and shoulders, working every inch you want to tone.

In addition to toning muscles, kick throughs also boost your balance and coordination. You need to really focus on your movement to kick your legs around and rotate your body at the right times.

The speed is up to you: A faster movement results in a better cardio workout, but a slower speed will lengthen the time your muscles are under tension, which can help build strength. (A slower movement is also recommended if you’re struggling with balance during the kick through.)

How to Do a Kick Through

Begin in a high plank position. Your hands should be placed about shoulder-width apart.

In one sweeping motion, rotate your body to the left and kick your right leg through. Using your left arm, touch your hand to your toe. (If you can’t touch your toes, reach out as close to your toe as possible. Form is more important than flexibility!) Bring your hand and foot back to high plank position, and repeat on the opposite side, touching your right hand to your left foot.

While doing the kick through, keep your legs as straight as possible. Remember to reach for your leg with the opposite hand (right hand to left leg, and left hand to right leg).

For stability, activate your core muscles and use the arm that is on the ground. Keeping your hips level (don’t stick it up high or let it droop too low to the ground) will also help you stay balanced between each kick through.

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