How to Do the Perfect Scorpion Lunge, According to a Trainer

Step up your lunge game.

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Ready to take your lunges to the next level? These scorpion lunges make you work harder than your average lunge. (Here’s how to do a basic forward lunge.) That’s because the legs have to reach backward and to the side, so your legs and core will have to step it up to keep you balanced.

How to Do a Scorpion Lunge

Start in standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step back with one leg, and bend the front leg into a deep squat. Your back leg should be placed behind the front leg, as opposed to straight backwards. Move back to standing position and repeat with the opposite leg.

To help you move more easily between each scorpion lunge, keep the weight on the ball of your front foot. Your back knee should not touch the ground, so use strong legs (and careful foot placement) to lower yourself into each scorpion lunge.

While you do the scorpion lunge, keep your eyes forward (not down at your feet) and clasp your arms at your chest. These two things will help with your balance by forcing your core and back to stay strong, straight, and stable.

If this is too challenging, try a reverse lunge instead. In a reverse lunge, the back leg reaches straight back, not behind the front leg. The knee still should not touch the floor.

Got it? Try out your perfect scorpion lunges in this 6-minute workout that’s just right for working your glutes.