The Proper Way to Do an Uppercut Combo, According to a Trainer

Get your fighter on, the right way.

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Wanna knock out some cardio today—literally? Boxing moves are a fantastic way to add some fun to your workouts (and they happen to be super effective, too).

This uppercut combo move gets your heart pumping while strengthening the arms. It’s the perfect move inside a high-intensity interval workout, or just on its own to warm up. Oh, and it’s a great way to get out some aggression (without hurting anyone!).

You may also want to try the jab-cross combo, another basic boxing move.

How to Do an Uppercut Combo

Step back with one foot and point it at a 45-degree angle. The front foot should face straight forward. Using power from your hips, alternate bringing each arm upward (as if you’re punching someone from under the chin, to be blunt). The arms should never fully extend.

To get the maximum strength from the legs, bend at the knees slightly while you step. Keep the toes grounded and pivot your feet to help your hips swing more into each punch. Your waist should rotate with the punches, facing straight ahead as your back arm comes forward for the uppercut.

If you only feel the burn in your arms, that means you’re not making full use of your lower body and your workout (and your uppercut) will be less effective.

For even more boxing-inspired fitness, try this full-body boxing 101 routine, or this cardio kickboxing workout that’s packed with jab-cross and uppercut variations.