How to Do a Floor Tap Squat, According to a Trainer

This power move combines cardio and strength training.

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The floor tap squat is a variation on one of the most common strength training exercise—the squat. Experts consider it an ideal strengthening technique for a wide variety of sports. (It’s considered the “supreme test of lower-body strength” when it comes to professional weightlifting. Wowza.)

The benefits of mastering how to do a floor tap squat go beyond the gym: The squat may be the best move to improve your daily quality of life. That’s because this move activates multiple muscle groups and imitates several everyday tasks, such as lifting objects or picking items off the floor.

The floor tap squat adds a cardio element to squats, which are typically considered just a strength-training move. It can be done on its own, or as a movement as part of an interval training workout.

How to Do a Floor Tap Squat

To do a floor tap squat, start in an upright position. Hop, landing with your feet more than shoulder width apart, with the toes pointed outward at a 45-degree angle. As you land, bend at the knees and hips, reaching down to touch the floor with one hand in one fluid motion.

Once your hand touches the ground, come back up with a hop, bringing your feet back together. Then repeat the motion, touching the floor with the alternate hand.

When you reach down to touch the floor, keep your back as straight as possible. That means you need to really lower your hips and deepen the squat—not stooping down with your back. To improve your balance as you squat, reach your opposite hand backward.

If the floor tap squat is too challenging, stick to a regular squat. Omit the hop at the start of the move, and keep your arms extended in front of you instead of touching them to the floor.