How to Do Perfect Speed Skaters, According to a Trainer

Add this explosive move to your intervals.

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Are lunges one of your go-to strength training moves? Not to diss lunges, but speed skaters work a similar set of muscles, and they definitely spice things up a bit. Speed skaters will strengthen your quads, calves, and glutes while energizing your workout at the same time.

What makes the speed skater even more intense than a lunge is the cardio: To replicate the moves of a speed skater, you will do a lateral leap from one leg to the other.

These explosive movements are central to plyometrics, a style of training in which the muscles exert maximum force (such as when jumping) in short intervals of time. (Once you’ve perfected your Speed Skater, test it out in this 12-minute plyometrics workout!)

How to Do a Speed Skater

With your knees bent and your back leaning forward, leap on alternating feet from side to side. Two things will help you move more easily: Stay on the balls of your feet, and pump your arms to propel your jumps.

Your back should be as straight as possible, so try not to hunch your shoulders. Swing your back foot behind the standing leg, but do not let your toes touch the floor. (Imagine wearing ice skates. If that back blade scraped the ice, you’d crash pretty fast!)

You can modify this if it’s too challenging. Instead of leaping from side to side, take side steps and allow your back foot to touch the floor. You should still use your arms to propel the motion and avoid hunching your back.