How to Do Perfect Tricep Dips, According to a Trainer

Check your form to get maximum results.

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Here’s why you should start dreaming of strong triceps: These crucial muscles are involved any time you extend your elbow. Thank your triceps every time you open doors, vacuum, roll a bowling ball, carry grocery bags, or whisk egg whites. While the tricep dip looks simple, it actually works multiple muscle groups. To keep your body hoisted off the floor, you’ll need to activate your leg and core muscles as well.

And you don’t even need to use weights to give your triceps a good workout. Since the humble tricep dip is done on the floor, you only need a few feet of space.

How to Do a Tricep Dip

On the floor, face toward the ceiling and lift yourself up on all fours. Bend your arms at the elbows to lower your body down, and then straighten the arms again to bring your body back up to the starting position. When your body dips, do not let your butt touch the ground. Repeat.

Keep your core muscles strong so your back is straight and not sloping. Your arms and feet should both be about shoulder width apart, and your hands should point in the same direction as your feet. You should feel the burn in the back of your arms; if this is not the case, check your form.

For an extra challenge, lift one leg up and extend it in the air. This will add an extra dose of strength-training for your leg and core. Make sure to do equal reps with both your right and left leg.

Once you’ve perfected your tricep dips, try them out in this 6-minute arm workout!