How to Do a Perfect Jab-Cross Punch for a Killer Arm Workout

Here’s the correct way to knock this move out.

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If you feel like boxing and kickboxing classes have exploded in popularity, you’re right. Many people find the unique, edgy moves as engaging and high-energy. And who doesn’t like to imagine themselves kicking butt in a boxing ring? (Don’t worry—you won’t actually have to fight anyone in these workouts.)

If you attend a boxing-inspired class, or you try one of our boxing home workouts, you’ll need to know how to execute the perfect one-two punch combo (also known as a jab-cross punch combo). This move is foundational to boxing and will be used in almost any boxing workout routine.

How to Do a One-Two Punch Combo

Place one foot forward and one foot back. Your front foot should point forward, and the back foot should be turned slightly outward, about 45 degrees from your front foot.

The first punch is a jab. Using the arm on the same side as your forward foot, punch the air quickly. In the same motion, bring that arm back to your body and do the second punch with your opposite arm, which is the cross. When you do the cross punch, pivot your back foot so your body rotates forward, instead of two the side.

For both punches, make sure to fully extend the arms. The arm that is not doing a punch should be held close to the body, as if protecting the face.

For proper form, be sure to bend the knees and lean forward just slightly while completing the jab-cross combo. After the cross punch, bring the body back to starting position, with your hips facing the side and your feet pointing in the original positions.