5 Best Restorative Yoga Poses

Try out these 5 restorative yoga poses with yogi Jennifer Galardi to keep your body centered and relaxed!

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What is restorative yoga? It is the centering of your breath and body - aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. 

Yoga has tons of benefits, flexibility, tone and muscle strength are just some of the physical benefits that come from yoga. Other than physical performance yoga holds many mental and emotional advantages. Individuals who do yoga are said to have better time dealing with stress and are able to think more fluently during stressful situations. Yoga is great if you are in search of some mental clarity and centering your attention. 

In this video, Jennifer takes you through five restorative yoga poses to keep cool during the summer. The key to all restorative yoga poses is that the longer you stay in postures, the more there is stability throughout the whole body. By holding the poses for an extended period of time, you will give your body a chance to cool down and calm the nervous system. Keeping longer breaths and remaining stable will leave your body feeling stretched and refreshed at the same time. Jennifer encourages you to incorporate these restorative yoga poses into your yoga practice this summer and keep cool as the temperatures rise.