The Morning Workout You Can Basically Do in Your Bed

Rise, shine, and get that metabolism going!

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We all know someone who gets up before the sun rises, squeezes in a full workout, showers, and still manages to get to work on time, looking like she’s bouncing her way through the opening scene of The Devil Wears Prada. As much as you not-so-secretly want them to stop making the rest of us look bad, you also want to figure out exactly how they do it so you can attempt it too.

If you struggle to squeeze in a workout before your morning commute, personal trainer Rob Sulaver has a low-intensity workout that you can start while you’re actually still in bed, and you’ll be done and ready to greet the day within seven minutes.

If you’re not willing to commit to a five-mile run or hardcore Crossfit session at 6 a.m., this bed workout is a great alternative. It takes cues from yoga and incorporates stretches to wake up your body. (See this video for more stretches you can work into your day.)

This full-body bed workout eases you into the day with four moves: lumbar loosener (a classic yoga warm-up), hip bridges, v-ups, and bed push-ups. This combination of flexibility and strength-training moves will give your body a gentle—yet effective—morning workout.

Each of the four moves is done for 30 seconds, and you’ll repeat the entire circuit three times. That means you’ll be done in under seven minutes, so you’ll still have plenty of time to make that Starbucks run.

Even though you checked off a workout before breakfast, it’s a good idea to stay active throughout the day to prevent “sitting disease” (especially if you work an office job in front of a computer). Here are tips for sneaking in exercise into your everyday schedule.