Quick Snowboarding Tips

In episode 5 of Guide to Winter, Mountain Creek snowboarding instructor Evan shares 4 key snowboarding tips for beginners to stay safe on the slopes.

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Winter is a great time to get outside and get active with awesome winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. But when you head outdoors and hit the slopes, make sure you're keeping safety a top priority. In episode 5 of Guide to Winter, join us in Mountain Creek, New Jersey as snowboard instructor Evan shares some important snowboarding tips for beginners. 

In his beginner snowboarding lessons, Evan always emphasizes four key snowboarding tips to remember so that you can make the most of your snowboarding experience. 

The first tip is to always wear sunblock. You always want to protect your skin from the elements, especially in the winter when sun rays reflect off the snow. Yes, you can get a sunburn even in winter!

The second tip is to always wear a helmet during winter sports. This is a crucial safety measure to protect your head and prevent injury while snowboarding. 

Tip number three is all about balance. Make sure you have a stable and balanced stance on your snowboard. It's important to practice body movements and snowboarding technique so that you can maintain optimum balance while on your snowboard. 

Last but not least, Evan's fourth snowboarding tip is to keep your head up and keep looking ahead. Watching where you're going helps protect yourself and others from injury. 

Even if you already have experience with winter sports, these snowboarding tips are helpful to keep in mind each time you hit the slopes so that you can have fun and stay safe.